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competition summary


Men′s Physique
It can be divided into Novice, -170, +170, +175, Masters Over40, and Professional classes.
Wear surf pants and judge the physical beauty of a well-trained man.

◆ Rules
・ Naked upper body
・ Board shorts (wearing surf pants)
・ Glasses are not allowed for bare feet and accessories, wedding rings and       
    piercings are allowed.
* Please be careful not to pollute the venue.

◆ About examination
Posing routines follow the rules of NPC USA.
Trained muscles and inverted triangular body line.
Judge the overall balance and atmosphere.
​Posing, expressiveness, charisma and visuals including smiles and hairstyles are also required.
Classic Physique
This category examines classical artistic elements.

It will be as follows according to international standards

・ Less than

162.9 cm: up to 72.9 kg

・ 163 to 164.9 cm: up to 74.9 kg

・ 165 to 167.9 cm: up to 76.9 kg

・ 168 to 169.9 cm: up to 78.9 kg

・ 170 to 172.9 cm: up to 82.9 kg

・ 173 to 174.9 cm: Up to 85.9 kg

・ 175 to 177.9 cm: up to 88.9 kg

・ 178 to 179.9 cm: up to 92.9 kg

・ 180 to 182.9 cm: up to 95.9 kg

・ 183 to 184.9 cm: up to 99.9 kg

・ 185 to 187.9 cm: up to 103.9 kg

・ 188 ~ 190.9cm: up to 107.9kg

・ 191 ~ 192.9cm: up to 110.9kg

・ 193 ~ 195.9cm: up to 113.9kg

・ 196 ~ 197.9cm: up to 117.9kg

・ 198 ~ 201cm: up to 120.9kg

・ 201cm or more: up to 124.9kg

* Height and weight will be measured on the day of the competition.
Please note that overweight athletes will be changed to participate in bodybuilding.

◆ Rules
・ The upper body is naked, trunks, bare feet, and accessories are not allowed to      wear glasses. Wedding rings, piercings, etc. are allowed.
* Please be careful not to pollute the venue.

◆ About examination
Posing routines follow the rules of NPC USA.
In "Classic Physique", unlike Men's Physique, free pose,
The legs will also be evaluated, and the pants will be wide.

Posing is similar to bodybuilding, but it requires an artistic element.

It is a category that competes for the ultimate physical beauty that has been trained throughout the body.
We will examine the following points.

1. Degree of muscle development How much muscle and less fat, and the contours of the muscles are clearly visible.
The size, contour and texture of the muscles are the most noticeable parts, so this point greatly influences the ranking.

2. Overall proportion Is the size of each muscle balanced.

3. Beauty of Posing In the final free pose, smooth movements and appeal to the audience will be evaluated.

* For athletes participating in bodybuilding, please prepare a sound source for free pose within 90 seconds.
Compete for a beautiful body line cultivated in fitness.

◆ Rules
・ Wear a 2-piece bikini
・ Wear high heels for competitions
・ Accessories are acceptable
* Please be careful not to pollute the venue.

◆ About examination
 Posing routines follow the rules of NPC USA.
・We will examine the overall balance and atmosphere including feminine body     
   line, moderate muscle mass, pose, expressiveness, smile, and charisma.

PRO.FIT Championship International 2022 Judge / Staff

Noriaki Ikeda 

NPC Brasil Athlete
USBB Physique PRO

IFBB Mr.Olympia South America 1st         
NPC Excalibur Brasil 3rd
NPC Masters Brasil Nationals 4th 
IFBB Latin American Championship 3rd
Muscle Contest International 3rd
USBB All Japan Nationals 1st
NPC Challenge Cup 1st
USBB Japan Open Contest 1st
USBB Kyusyu Contest 1st
Nichinan Men′s Physique 1st
 Fernando Adrian Olsen

Director of CJBBF General IncorporatedAssociation
Representative of MX JAPAN Co., Ltd.
MX Fusion Gym Owner

PROPTA-IFBB Japan National Team Personal Trainer & Sports nutrition tech training course coordinator
Born February 22, 1970 Representative of MX JAPAN and owner of MX Fusion Gym.
1992 Bachelor of Business Administration, former bank clerk In fitness and nutrition.
I started my career more than 18 years ago.
IFBB-PROPTA official representative from Japan from 2014, "Personal Trainer" I am training coordinator and instructor for "Sports Nutrition".

2002 American College of Sports Medicine Certified Exercise Physicolist
2004 JBBF Aichi Classic Bodybuilding Championship 171cm or less class 4th
2010 IFBB Certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Specialist
2010 JPA Tokai Powerlifting Championship 4th
2011 IFBB Certified Master Fitness Coach & Professional Weight Training Kinesiology
2014 PROPTA-IFBB Certified Personal Trainer & Sports nutrition tech training course coordinator
2017 JPA Shizuoka Powerlifting Championship 2nd place
スクリーンショット 2022-06-13 10.28.02.png
Iori Nishizawa

F.A.WIN Co., Ltd. President
General Incorporated Association IORIMPIA President
Nishizawa High School Principal
Presided over by Tokai Personal Trainer Study Group
NPC Philadelphia Classic Novice 1st, Open 2nd
NPC Los Angeles Championships Men's Physique NOVICE,
                                                     Unlimited 2nd place
Arnold Sports Festival Arnold Classic Men's Physique Finalist
USBB West Japan Contest 1st & Overall Winner
Acosta Larry Jun                       
GLOBAL Gym長崎 代表
IFBB Taiwan Pro Qualifier 2nd                     

IFBB Olympia Japan Classic Bodybuilding 2nd

NPCJ Japan Open Bodybuilding 2nd

NPCJ blaze open bodybuilding 3rd

Canada Bodybuilding Federation “Northern Classic“ 3rd


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 Kazu Muscle             ■17ライバー
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