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This year Held in Fukuoka Japan !

We decided to hold this year's PRO.FIT Championship in Fukuoka because we would like all of Japan and foreigners to participate.

We aim to be an international open contest in which anyone from beginners to advanced athletes can freely participate, regardless of their affiliation or organization.

All related staff will do their best to make the competition an enjoyable event for the athletes and spectators.

This contest is easy for anyone to participate in, so please give it a try!



 〒812-0044 福岡県福岡市博多区千代1丁目17−1 3F

Request for partnership

The previous tournament was also sponsored by many companies.

Thank you very much.

It ’s been a tournament since Corona started.

I want to liven up the sinking world.

We will hold an international tournament this year so that it will be a grand tournament.

We are thinking of creating a moment that will satisfy us more than ever with the staff involved.

"PRO.FIT Championship International 2022 "

Companies that can support you

​ We would appreciate it if you could contact the secretariat.

We will do our best to contribute to the development of your company with this tournament as an opportunity.

I kindly thank you.

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2-10-23 Kuwamizu, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto 862-0954

2nd Kitano Building 2nd floor PRO.FIT Co., Ltd.

Secretary General / General Manager: Noriaki Ikeda

Phone number: 096-240-5674

​ Email:

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